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UCLA Circle K International

TEAM TurKey: Together Everyone Achieves More

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UCLA Circle K is a group of optimistic and enthusiastic students, ready to help out our community and world. We are an international organization found in more than 10 countries and consisting of over 10,000 members. We are a part of the K-family which includes Builders Clubs (junior-high students), Key Clubs and Kiwins (high-school students), and Kiwanis Clubs (professional men and women). If you like to do community service, build life-long friendships, and work on your leadership skills, then UCLA Circle K is the perfect organization to join.

We make volunteering easy for busy college students. Also, we have a wide variety of projects available to choose from every week.

We also have great leadership opportunities within our club from President to Service Committee Chair to Historian positions, and many more positions available at the divisional, district, and international level.


Community Service? Leadership? Friendship?

Join UCLA Circle K International


  • We offer a variety of community services, ranging from walking dogs, playing with children at shelters, tutoring kids at elementary school, to volunteering at the hospital, and other various big events.
  • We have many leadership positions available, offering you the opportunities to strengthen your leadership skills and gain new ones. 
  • Along with leadership comes fellowship, which includes fun and academic and personal support, as well as networking. You also get to travel to conferences or big events, meeting people from other schools, districts, states, or even other countries! We are an international organization!

Meetings are held at Ackerman Viewpoint Lounge 2 (near Campus Cut) every Thursday, at 6:30 PM. Come and check us out!

More Info: http://circlek.bol.ucla.edu