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Week 6

Hi everyone! Happy Week 6!!

Fall Training Conference was this past weekend, and our club brought
25+ people, had tons of fun, and performed an amazing skit! If you
didn't go this year, don't let the opportunity pass you by
next year!


1) There will be NO GENERAL MEETING this Thursday due to
Day. Enjoy your day off from school!

2) New Member Induction (NMI) tonight (Wednesday) has been
postponed, most likely to next Wednesday, November 17, 2004. For
those of you who signed up and/or are being inducted, you will
receive a call from a board member with all the new details. It will
still be at The Olive Garden in Westwood, and the $10 includes your
meal, drink, tips, tax, everything! Contact Caroline:


As there is no general meeting this week, to sign up for events, e-
mail the contact person for each project you're interested in,
provide him/her with your name and phone number.

1) November 13 (Saturday):
Masquerade Ball: UCSD is hosting their annual formal boat dance off
the San Diego coast from 11:30PM-3:00AM – this is one of the most
exciting events of the year, and it is also a fundraiser for
Pediatric Trauma Prevention! Bid is only $20, and we will be leaving
from UCLA at 8:00PM. Contact Donna:

2) November 16 (Tuesday):
SEARS Shopping Event for Salvation Army. We are shopping for/with
the needy kids! For more info, contact Donna:

3) November 19 (Friday):
TV Taping of 2 1/2 Men (CBS Mondays at 9:30PM) is from 4:00-10:30PM
at the Warner Brothers Studio. If you have never been to a TV
taping, come check it out. It's a great experience, you get to see
stars (Charlie Sheen is in this one!), and our club gets $12 per
person to donate to purchasing canned foods for the needy! Contact

4) November 20 (Saturday): Big day PACKED with events!

i. KEY 2 College (K2C) is from 10:00AM-3:00PM at Royce 362. K2C will
provide high school students with a chance to learn more about
college, ranging from attaining admittance, transitioning, academia
requirements and extracurricular activities. Come lend a helping
hand and take part in guiding tours and leading workshops. Pass on
the wisdom gained from your experience as a Bruin! Contact Uyen:

ii. Divisional Council Meeting (DCM) at 4:00PM for the Metro
division! This will be held after K2C right here on the UCLA campus
at Royce Hall! Come meet Circle K'ers from other clubs in your area!
Contact David:

iii. CSULB Annual Bowl-A-Thon for PTP from 9:00-11:30PM. It's only
$10, and you get service hours for bowling! Contact Uyen:

5) November 21 (Sunday):
Pasadena Doo-Dah Parade will be from 8:00AM-2:30PM, and we'll
probably be taking one of the later shifts and leave UCLA around
10AM. Contact Stefanie:

6) November 23 (Tuesday):
Staff Pro: Jay-Z (in Anaheim) and Greenday (Long Beach) concerts are
from 3:00PM-11:00PM. Unfortunately, Jay-Z and R. Kelly have
cancelled their tour "The Best of Both Worlds" together, but Jay-Z
will be continuing on his own. We will be working at the concerts as
a fundraiser for our club! This will be a great event! If you didn't
make it to the training on October 20th, on-site training will be
available. Contact Lisa:


12/02 (Thursday): Ice-Skating/Ice Cream Social 8-10PM
12/04 (Saturday): UCLA-USC Football Game - don't forget to pick up
your tickets on November 11th at Pauley Pavilion!
12/05 (Sunday): Don King Shelter Visit
01/22 (Saturday): Habitat for Humanity
01/26 (Wednesday): Charity Concert for ALS
02/05 & 02/06 (Sat/Sun): DLSSP
02/26-27 (Sat/Sun): Dance Marathon

Enjoy the rest of your sixth week, and we hope to see you at the
projects! :)

In Smiles and Service,
UCLA Circle K
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